Digital Tutors-Animating and Compositing Futuristic Menus |AE科技信息菜单HUD特效合成教程

Animating and Compositing Futuristic Menus

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This course is a follow-up course to Designing Futuristic Menus in Illustrator. If you have any interest in learning how to make all of the pieces that we will be animating, you may want to watch that first.

We start out by importing all of the assets in the various ways that will best interface with after effects for animation. We then learn how to make the pieces move with the actors motions and how to use expressions to make some of the secondary pieces have visual interest as they rotate, scroll, and reveal. Towards the end of the course, we go over some great compositing tips for making your menu look better integrated with your shot. This course will teach you how to efficiently animate multiple objects and maintain visual consistency that mimics the design of a real life interface.

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