Lynda-Documentary Editing with Final Cut Pro X|Final Cut Pro X 纪录片剪辑教程

Documentary Editing

Documentary Editing教程介绍

在教程中将学习如何利用 Final Cut Pro X 软件剪辑纪录片和一些基本的编辑技巧,

作者 Diana Weynand 利用一个真实的纪录片案例,详细的分析和剪辑了一部纪录片,




Lynda Documentary Editing with Final Cut Pro X v10.1.x

Learn how to build a polished documentary using Final Cut Pro X 10.1.x and a few essential editing techniques. []Author Diana Weynand demonstrates documentary editing in a real-world project, breaking down the process into a series of manageable steps and milestones. After reviewing existing footage, explore how to build and define a narrative, assemble rough cuts, and create motion graphics. Then see how to adjust B-roll shots, incorporate color correction and audio mixing techniques, and export the final movie.




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