AETUTS Atom Simulation in After Effects|AE原子细胞模拟动画教程

Atom Simulation

Atom Simulation教程介绍

AETUTS 机构出品的一期AE教程 原子细胞模拟动画 AETUTS Atom Simulation in After Effects

使用了内置的 分形噪波 和 CC Sphere 来模拟出细胞动画效果,这样看起来就像真实的三维动画,非常棒。

当然为了使得画面更加的逼真和富有活力,还使用了 Particular 粒子插件制作了表面的游动动画,



In this tutorial we’ll create an atom simulation using Particular, CC Sphere, a few layers along with some tricks and smoke screens. In order to make this scene a true (AE) 3D scene we will use some expressions and AE tricks to make the 2D layers act as 3D layers, and respond to the camera. This scene is quite simple and straightforward, but it is compiled out of lots of small steps. We got a lot to do, so let’s get started.

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