Skillfeed-Post-Production and VFX|电影特效后期制作教程






使用到的软件有:Maya, After Effects, CC, Photoshop, Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro


Learn all sorts of skills used in post production by the pros. Editing tricks. How to adjust colors of your video to make it look like a big budget film. Advanced 3D animation visual effects. Simple special effects that anyone can do. Proper settings when exporting your video for the internet or film print. After Effects tips and more!


1.电影调色 Color Correction to Achieve Film Look
2.黑色行动和孤岛危机隐身效果 Making of Black Ops vs Crysis 2 ( Creating an invisibility effect )
3.MV Making of “Still Won’t Let You Go” Music Video ( Creating a moving Oil Painting )
4.愤怒的小鸟-幕后 Making of Angry Birds – Real Life – Interactive 3D Animated Film
5.水果忍者 Making of Epic Fruit Ninja – Slow Motion Tutorial
6.龙珠 Making of Dragon Ball Forever – Time Remapping Tutoria
7.数字效果制作 Digital Matte Painting Tutorial
8.剪辑和导出设置 Best Video Editing & Exporting Settings

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