Digital Tutors-Utilizing the Brush Tools in After effects|AE笔刷工具详解教程

Building a Rigged Camera Composition

Digital Tutors教程介绍

AE 和 PS 一样有笔刷工具和仿制图章工具,作用跟PS中的效果相仿,不过AE中能制作动画效果,




In this series of tutorials, we’ll talk about the brush tools in After Effects. We’ll start by getting familiar with how the brush tool operates and the various controls and settings that are available.
We’ll talk about techniques for animating the paint strokes and also ways to use the brush tool to create animations for revealing layers in a composition. We’ll go over how we can add expressions to paint strokes that we’ve created to animate their properties. We’ll also talk about the eraser tool and its similarities and differences to the brush tool.
Next we’ll explore how the clone stamp tool works and we’ll learn some great ways to preview clone sources. And finally, we’ll learn how we can combine tracking information with the clone tool to clone out imagery from moving footage.


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