Unlocking the Power of Guide Elements|AE辅助功能讲解教程

Unlocking the Power of Guide Elements

Guide Elements教程介绍

Digital Tutors – Unlocking the Power of Guide Elements in After Effects

In this series of tutorials, we’ll talk about the various traditional and nontraditional guide elements for After Effects. We’ll start by creating a traditional guide and manipulating it in our composition. We’ll talk about ways to get the most of these guides by changing their color and style and making our layers snap to them. We’ll even learn how to create intricate guides in Photoshop and pull them into After EffectsNext we’ll talk about the various grids in After Effects. We’ll learn how to make them more suitable for our needs like dividing up our composition and also change their color, style and frequency. Then, we’ll learn the purpose of Title and Action Safe guides and when we should use themWe’ll also explore how to use guide layers to help organize our compositions. And finally, we’ll create complex vector paths and use them as a guide for motionBy the end of this training, you will not only know about each of the guide elements but you will know how to use them effectively.


这期教程主要是讲解AE预览窗口的一些辅助功能:辅助线,网格,安全框 的介绍和设置,



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