RE:VisionFX RE:Map v3.0.1 for Nuke|OFX映射变形插件

RE:VisionFX RE:Map v3.0.1 for Nuke|OFX映射变形插件

RE VisionFX RE Map v3.0.1插件介绍

Revisionfx REMap 是一款运行在AE和OFX平台下的专业质量的贴图和扭曲工具,可以帮助您轻松实现自动漫画般扭曲,

该插件包内含5个插件:Map UV、Map Distort 、Map Displace和Map Planar,Map Inverse UV

3.0.1  新版更新:

– Fixes a problem where RE:Map UV and RE:Map Corner Pin could cause Fusion 7 and 8 to hang when trying to reload a comp.

– Fixes a problem where GPU memory was leaked when GPU acceleration is used and when scrubbing a timeline, or otherwise interrupting a frame being computed

– Fixes a problem where plugin could over-write the source corrupting the host cache (e.g. Natron)


– Blackmagic Design Fusion Studio 5.2 (and up)

– Natron 1 (and up)

– The Foundry Nuke 5.1 (and up)

RevisionFX RE:Map v3 序列号:(请选择下面可用的号进行注册)

Select: z94eAxYvlakpuYet
Name: Team AMPED
Select: hpS7akMr87kpuYeF
Name: lookae
Select: z94eAxvWzTLJkWGZ
Select: dzTCw0vWzTLJkWGp


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