Blender Illustration Shader Advanced V3|Blender油墨手绘风格着色器预设插件

Blender Illustration Shader Advanced

你有没有想过把 3D 场景变成一幅画!这正是创建此着色器和工作流程的目的!此着色器将笔画分布在您的对象上,并分解场景和单个对象的边缘。每个笔划都是直接从对象的纹理或为其提供的颜色输入中挑选的纯色。

Have you ever wanted to take the 3D scenes and turn them into a PAINTING! That is exactly what this shader and workflow was created for! This shader distributes paint strokes across your objects and breaks up the edges of both your scene and individual objects. Each stroke is a solid color picked straight from either the object’s texture or color input given to it.

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