Simply Concept V2.1|Blender抽象概念模型建模调整插件

Simply Concept

使用Simply Concept您可以快速轻松地构思您的想法。有原始对象可供选择以及您自己创建的模型,您可以直接集成到概念中并调整细节级别(性能)的分辨率。简单概念的酷炫之处在于复杂的形状实时合并,您已经可以看到交叉部分的阴影。这使得设计更容易。只要您还没有确认您的概念,您就可以随时更改任何原语。因此,您可以随时进行更改。

With Simply Concept, you can quickly and easily concept your idea. There are primitive objects to choose from as well as your own created model you can directly integrate into the conception and adjust the resolution of the level of detail (performance).

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