Physical Starlight And Atmosphere v1.5.2|Blender物理星光大气环境效果模拟插件

Physical Starlight And Atmosphere

物理星光大气环境效果模拟Blender插件Blendermarket Physical Starlight And Atmosphere 是一款非常优秀好用的Blender大气环境模拟辅助工具。插件功能非常强大全面,使用后可以帮助用户更轻松便捷的模拟真实的自然大气环境效果。它从“沙盒”游戏世界和编辑器中获得灵感,让场景中的每个对象之间形成视觉一致性。你可以在几分钟内产生任何室外照明条件,白天,晚上,雾,阴天,还可以模拟各类星球,火星,气体巨星等环境都可以。

Physical Starlight and Atmosphere is a full environmental simulator that takes inspiration of ‘sandbox’ game worlds and editors, bringing visual consistency between every object in the scene.Apart from our Sun, this addon can simulate any other star. Sky is not only static sky dome, but the whole atmosphere – from ground to the space and beyond. Calculations are based on physical properties of how light is interacting with gaseous medium. This is why I did not name the it “Real Sunlight and Sky”

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