Grassblade V2.2|Blender三维草地花卉生成插件


GrassBlade 为您提供了从 200 多个不同的生物群系中收集的 550 多种资产。每个生物群落都是完全可定制的。可能性是无限的!这些材料与 Cycles 和 Eevee 100% 兼容。Grassblade 有许多可直接使用的类别:清洁草、旱地、田野、花卉、花园草、鹅卵石、岩石地面和野草。

GrassBlade gives you over 550 assets gathered from over 200 different Biomes. Each biome is completely customizable. The possibilities are infinite ! The materials are 100% compatible with Cycles and Eevee. Grassblade has many categories available to use straight out the box: Clean Grass, Dry Lands, Fields, Flowers, Garden Grass, Pebbles, Rocky Grounds and Wild Grass.


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