Terrain Mixer V2.0.3 + 预设库|Blender三维自然环境地形生成器

Terrain Mixer

正在为Blender寻找超快速的解决方案来构建您的下一个地形?不要再看了。Terrain Mixer这是环境艺术家、游戏艺术家、哑光画家、概念艺术家和插画家的完美工具。Terrain Mixer将为您提供终极的力量和速度,为您的下一个项目创建各种地形。当您开始左右移动材质滑块时,您不会相信自己的眼睛。

Looking for a SUPER-FAST solution for Blender to build your next terrain? Look no further. This is a perfect tool for Environment Artists, Game Artists, Matte Painters, Concept Artists, and Illustrators. ‘Terrain Mixer’ will give you the ultimate power and speed to create all sorts of terrains for your next project. You won’t believe your eyes when you start moving material sliders left and right.

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