Uefy 2.5 Script|Blender虚幻引擎辅助优化工具

Uefy 2.5 Script


Uefy 2是Blender的附加组件,它提供使Rigify装备适用于虚幻引擎4等游戏引擎的工具。Rigify的默认输出会导致虚幻引擎出现许多问题。Uefy插件提供了许多工具和工作流,旨在使事情快速运行。节省数小时!该插件是对其前身Uefy Script的重大更新。先前的版本仅关注与虚幻模特的兼容性。新的(Pro Edition)版本可以更新几乎所有使用Rigify制作的装备。为虚幻引擎导出正确的“根”“扭曲”和“ IK”骨骼。

Default output of Rigify causes many issues with Unreal Engine. The Uefy addon provides many tools and a workflow designed to get things working quickly. SAVE hours of time!The addon is a major update to it’s predecessor Uefy Script. The previous version was just focused on compatibility with the unreal mannequin. The new (Pro Edition) version can update nearly any type of rig made with Rigify.

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