HyGear FCPX Transitions | 22种英国BBC广播公司转场FCPX插件

HyGear FCPX Transitions

HyGear FCPX Transitions插件介绍


HyGear FCPX Transitions 插件拥有很多中优秀的特殊转场滤镜,


插件支持Final Cut Pro X 和 Motion 5(支持FCPX10.2)

HyGear is a suite of 22 super-cool transitions for FCPX that replicate the look used by the editors of the BBC TopGear programme. This set of transitions replicate those used in series 17 and 18 of the programme during 2011 to 2012.
Created entirely from new and original artwork, you can drag and drop these onto your timeline to instantly get the same look as the TopGear editors.

插件适用于 Mac OS X 平台:(苹果电脑)Final Cut Pro X或 Motion 5 软件。

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