Color Finale 1.0.12|FCPX专业分级调色插件

Color Finale

Color Finale插件介绍



Professional color grading inside of Final Cut Pro X. Color Finale reshapes the end user experience inside FCP X with industry standard grading tools such as color wheels, curves, vector grading and of course LUTs!


  • Final Cut Pro X 10.1或者以上版本
  • 支持Yosemite

Layer Based Grading

  • The power and elegance of grading via layers. We incorporate the best features of image editing applications.

Telecine Tools

  • Industry standard 3 Way Color Corrector and RGB Curves. We incorporate the best that the telecine suite has to offer.

LUT Utility

  • Apply industry standard Look Up Tables like OSIRIS and ImpulZ to accurately emulate the look of 35mm film.

Vector Grading

  • Powerful vector based grading to apply quick and accurate secondaries.

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