Nitro4D ElectricFX 1.0 for Cinema 4D|C4D闪电电流特效插件

Nitro4D ElectricFX

Nitro4D ElectricFX插件介绍

C4D插件-闪电电流特效 Nitro4D ElectricFX 1.0 for Cinema 4D


插件支持 Cinema 4D R12-R16

Features include:
– You can adjust the color and render the electricity effects right away. In addition, you can generate lines, splines or mesh for further control.
– You can use custom objects as targets, or even to create the electricity effect based on their wireframe, while retaining the object’s attributes (can be parametric, can be applied dynamics etc.)
– Parameters to control speed, wavelength, number of points, smoothness, others.

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