Quick Easy Animate V1.0|Blender快速设置旋转位置大小动画插件

Quick Easy Animate

使用关键帧在 Blender 中为某些属性设置动画后,您可以编辑它们对应的曲线。当某物被“动画化”时,它会随着时间而改变。该曲线显示为称为F曲线的东西。基本上F曲线所做的是两个动画属性之间的插值。在 Blender 中,为对象设置动画意味着更改其属性之一,例如对象的位置或比例

After animating some property in Blender using keyframes you can edit their corresponding curves. When something is “animated”, it changes over time. This curve is shown as something called an F-curve. Basically what an F-curve does is an interpolation between two animated properties. In Blender, animating an object means changing one of its properties, such as the object’s location, or its scale.


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