LunarCell v1.992 Win版|Photoshop地球行星快速生成工具插件

LunarCell v1.992 Win版|PS插件-地球行星快速生成工具

LunarCell v1.992插件介绍


LunarCell can help users generate virtual planets in Photoshop instantly, by only specifying a series of parameters. The main window of the plugin provides users with multiple slider bars that they can customize in order to achieve the desired result. Those include planet size, complexity, land texture, crater count, crater size, climate, sea level, air depth, sunset, cloud coverage, shadows, texture and cities. Users can randomize the result by clicking the dice button. HOME –

LunarCell v1.992滤镜安装方法

如:C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop CC 2019\Plug-ins,打开PS软件,在顶部菜单栏>滤镜>Flaming Pear下就可以找到

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