Easy Cut Layer Splitting Kit Win/Mac|Photoshop图层切片切割插件

Easy Cut Layer Splitting Kit插件介绍

在PS软件中将图层切成单独的图层可能只需要点击一下像素图层,但是对于形状而言,却变得更加复杂。使用Easy Cut插件使您可以使用引导线,路径或选择之类的多种工具,只需单击一下即可剪切任何图层类型。 一切保持不变,图层样式保持一致,您甚至可以在关闭扩展的同时使用该功能。

Cutting a layer into separate layers might just take a few clicks for pixel layers, for shapes however, it becomes more complex. Easy Cut makes it possible to cut any layer type with just a click, using a variety of tools like guidelines, paths or selections. Everything stays in place, layer styles stay consistent and you can even use the functionality while having the extension closed.

Easy Cut Layer Splitting Kit支持的软件版本:

  • Photoshop CC 2018或者更高版本,Win/Mac

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