Gumroad – Mel Script Pack Win/Mac|Maya插件-18个实用设计制作工具

Gumroad – Mel Script Pack Win/Mac|Maya插件-18个实用设计制作工具







-Clean Combine and Extract for Maya-Clean结合和提取Maya

-UV Edges Toolbox for Maya-适用于Maya的UV Edges工具箱

-Gridify UVs-网格化UV

-Copy/Paste Material from Face to Components-从表面复制/粘贴材料到组件

-Select Faces by Material ID in Maya-在Maya中通过材料ID选择面

-Graph Materials from Selected Faces in Maya-从Maya中选定的面绘制材料

-Checker Map Toolbox for Maya.LookAE-Maya的Checker Map工具箱

-UV Grabber Toolbox for Maya-适用于Maya的UV Grabber工具箱

-UV Mapping Fastest and Easiest Way in Maya Script-UV映射Maya脚本中最快最简单的方法

-Maya to Marmoset Workflow for Normal Maps-Maya到Marmoset的法线贴图工作流程

-Instant Reference Planes from Selected File Nodes-选定文件节点的即时参考平面

-Mirror and Instance Toolbox for Maya-Maya的镜像和实例工具箱

-Select Every Other Edge in Maya-选择Maya中的每个其他边

-Naming Toolbox for Maya-Maya命名工具箱

-Light Mapping Toolbox for Maya-Maya的光照贴图工具箱

-UV Mapping Toolbox for Maya-适用于Maya的UV映射工具箱

-Fastest Way to Create Normal Map Stamps in Maya Script-在Maya脚本中创建法线贴图的最快方法

-One Click Import/Export Selection From one Maya Scene to Another-一键从一个Maya场景到另一个场景的导入/导出选择

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